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The TEDxOpenUniversity Buzz Begins

Karen Foley

The TEDxOpenUniversity Buzz Begins

Karen Foley – compere for TEDxOpenUniversity – is no stranger to being in front of the camera in the name of sharing wisdom and ideas.

A lecturer at The Open University, Karen also oversees The Open University’s online student channel ‘Student Hub Live’, producing and presenting online interactive events to give students an extra boost. Passionate about lifelong learning, Karen is currently doing a doctorate in Education and she tells us that she is really excited to be an integral part of TEDxOpenUniversity.

In Karen’s words:

“I’m delighted to be compere for TEDxOpenUniversity! There is a real buzz as we are preparing to host the first ever TEDxOpenUniversity event and I am struck by the thought that this hasn’t been done before.

“The Open University (OU) and TEDx have both excelled at delivering complex, relevant and meaningful teaching material using video for many years. This joint venture is a fantastic opportunity to be part of an event that unites two cutting-edge institutions at the forefront of accessible knowledge.

“Being open and accessible for everyone is paramount for TEDx and the OU. For both, success is measured on consumption of product, however, there is an important difference which is based on this very idea of success; at The Open University we don’t lecture or present to our students, we teach at distance, using a range of multimedia materials including books, but mainly through a virtual learning environment that includes videos, interactive activities, discussions and varied forms of assessment.

“While the choice of media platform [for OU materials] is often based on the best medium for the message, the choice of author or speaker is almost always based on who knows the most about a certain subject. TEDxOpenUniversity is a great opportunity for us to explore new ways of presenting facts, views, findings and thinking, whilst learning from new people along the way.

“For me, this is what makes the idea of TEDxOpenUniversity so interesting; there will be a selection criterion for speakers that will be based on the quality of delivery as well as the message itself – and it is a delicate balancing act of the two that makes for an alluring talk. I am eager to see the range of captivating speakers this exercise uncovers, and what unexpected, stimulating – possibly even mind-blowing – topics for conversation we get to wrap our brains around.”

With speaker applications now open, the whole TEDxOpenUniversity team share Karen's enthusiasm for getting great speakers involved. If you think you have what it takes, click on the ‘speakers’ tab above to apply.

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