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We Can’t Predict The Future… But We Can Open Our Minds

Cassette tapes

We Can’t Predict The Future… But We Can Open Our Minds

Explaining what a tape cassette is to an eight-year-old can not only serve to make you feel rather old, but also highlight how much huge change we’ve seen in our lifetimes.

From the tech explosion of the 1990s which brought technology to the masses (think of those Nokia 3210s!) to today’s norms of online banking apps and social media networking, technology has shifted how we all live our daily lives.

Why TEDxOpenUniversity had to happen

One great way that technology has influenced us is in exposing us to new ideas.  TED talks streamed via YouTube and on podcast apps allow millions of us across the world to learn from fascinating speakers on all kinds of topics.

Opening access to this kind of inspirational material has helped open our minds. 

This openness has a natural affinity to the mission of The Open University. The OU has always been a radical, disruptive force in education, and we’ve always used the latest technology - from black and white lectures on TV in the 1970s, to augmented reality apps and remote-controlled science labs today. 

TEDxOpenUniversity just had to happen.

Monitor with TED website on it

The huge potential of opening your mind

Our first ever event’s theme is aspirational, provocative, challenging and something loads of people will want to be a part of.

Imagine What’s Next’ doesn’t just ask what the next big tech advances will be – we’ll be bringing amazing speakers in to explore arts, culture, health, society, politics, environment – a huge range of topics which affect all our lives.

The potential of this theme is really exciting, we have the chance to take a glance at what our children’s generations might be tackling and embracing as our world continues to advance.

Many of us will look fondly back on those tape cassettes and LPs, now happily streaming music into our homes via our voice-activated virtual assistant. Times are shifting, and none of us can truly predict the future – but we can open up our minds to infinite possibilities. Join us at TEDxOpenUniversity to ‘Imagine What’s Next’… This is definitely an idea worth sharing.

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